16 2019

PJ Library Partner Meeting

10:00AM - 12:00PM  

Jewish Federation of Florida's Gulf Coast 13191 Starkey Road
Suite 8
Largo, FL

Contact Alex Sembler


We’re working hard to make PJ Library even better and we want your help to grow and ensure all

eligible families are enrolled. In addition, we want to engage with you as collaborative partners to

nourish our Jewish families through programs, relationship building, and spiritual outreach.

 Paul Lewis, our PJ Library Program Officer, will be here from the home office in

Massachusetts to hear from you.

At this meeting Paul will:

• Talk about the history, mission and effectiveness of PJ Library as an outreach tool

• Discuss the results from the recent North American Survey of PJ Families, and the lessons we

can take away

• Discuss ways you can use PJ Library to further your goals of reaching and engaging Jewish

families for your organization

• Showcase new PJ Library initiatives that can benefit our community