15 2022

Hadassah St. Pete - Awe, Freedom, and Responsibility: The Best I Can Be

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

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$ Cost $ 10.00

The great rabbi Hillel reminded us that to balance our responsibility to self

and others, we must pay attention to-- and seize-- the “Now.” His famous

Pirke Avot adage concludes, “If not now, when?”


Do you wish to:


•Make a difference in the world

•Open yourself each day to many “Wows”

•Care for yourself and others


In speaking about my book Three Groundbreaking Jewish Feminists: Pursuing Social Justice, I realized more fully the women I profiled found deep spiritual connection by contributing to the betterment of others. For them, justice and compassion were inseparable parts of Jewish identity. They came alive in their efforts to repair the world. 


In this adult study and action workshop for either Jewish or interfaith communities, we explore how relishing the “now” in our lives opens us to spiritual connection and grounds our senses of freedom and responsibility. We study, discuss, and apply texts that offer Jewish perspectives on the themes of awe, freedom, and responsibility as we search for answers to the questions: Where do I stand-- as a Jew, a person of faith, or one with moral compass-- in this time of global ferment and change? How can I do my part without feeling powerless and overwhelmed?

In 4 interactive sessions, participants consider poetry and prose that inspire the blending of spirituality and social responsibility in new and refreshing ways