19 2022

TBJL & GCJFCS - Why You Might Not Get Hired And How You Can!

7:00PM - 8:15PM  

TampaBay-Job-Links 1211 N West Shore Blvd
Suite 300
Tampa, FL

Contact Nikki Trent
TampaBay Job Links
813-344-0200 x307

Are you tired of sending out flurries of applications that seem to land in the “black hole?” Conducting a successful job search is a combination of 1) assessing whether your documents are correctly tailored and formatted; 2) using relevant and appropriate job-search skills and strategies; and 3) adequately researching and preparing. This workshop provides an opportunity to take a step back and examine at least a dozen reasons why you might not be getting interviewed or hired, and how you can make adjustments that will save you time, reduce your stress, and move you towards the results you want.

Presented by Amy Cleveland, TBJL Career Strategist

What We Will Cover:

  • Why you’re not getting contacted following an application
  • Assessing the jobs you’re applying to
  • Reasons you’re not moving forward in an interview process
  • Why your interviews don’t yield job offers
  • How to focus – and correct – what you can control

Materials Needed: There are no materials required.

Workshop Length: 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Please plan to log into Zoom 5 minutes early.

Who Should Attend:
Unemployed and underemployed individuals looking to work in a professional environment and seeking relevant and practical information or advice regarding the next steps in their job search or career path. This includes individuals in mid-career transition, women re-entering the workforce after a hiatus, military veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce, recent college graduates launching their careers, and mature workers not ready or able to retire.

Cost to Attend: Free

Dress: Business casual

Virtual:  Via Zoom

Registration Required: Please register HERE.

TampaBay-Job-Links, a program of Gulf Coast JFCS, is supported by philanthropic donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations.