8 2022

TBJL & GCJFCS - Unlock the Potential of LinkedIn


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Contact Nikki Trent
TampaBay Job Links
813-344-0200 x307

LinkedIn is the #1 go-to resource for recruiters and hiring managers looking to identify and place qualified candidates. It is also one of the best social media platforms for building your career, your network, and your business relationships. More than ever, LinkedIn is a “must have” self-marketing tool for presenting yourself professionally for the type of positions you are seeking. During this workshop, you will learn about the key sections of a LinkedIn profile, the best ways to present yourself in each section, and 10 tips to maximize your LinkedIn profile during your job search.

Presented by Robyn Winters, TBJL Career Strategist

What We Will Cover

  • The purpose and benefits of using LinkedIn
  • How to develop and organize the main sections of your LinkedIn profile
  • How to create a compelling headline
  • Ways to generate action from LinkedIn readers
  • 10 tips that make your Profile memorable

Materials Needed: Please have your LinkedIn profile page (or a copy) for reference.

Workshop Length: 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Please plan to log into Zoom 5 minutes early.

Who Should Attend:
Unemployed and underemployed individuals looking to work in a professional environment and seeking relevant and practical information or advice regarding the next steps in their job search or career path. This includes individuals in mid-career transition, women re-entering the workforce after a hiatus, military veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce, recent college graduates launching their careers, and mature workers not ready or able to retire.

Cost to Attend: Free

Dress: Business casual

Virtual:  Via Zoom

Registration Required: Please register HERE.

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