5 2023

TBE - Tots Purim Field Day

10:15AM - 11:45AM  

Temple Beth-El 400 S. Pasadena Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL

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TBE Tots is a monthly get together for families with children under the age of 5. We sing songs, do arts and crafts projects, play outside, cook, make new friends and have fun!
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TBE Tots Purim Field Day!
Get ready for a FUN and ACTIVE morning!
- Queen Ester's Egg Run
- Mordechai's Dance Moves Contest
- Haman's Hoppin' Race
- King Ahashverosh's Kippah Dash
- Queen Vashti's Obstacle Course
- The Purim Pom Pom Search
Costumes are encouraged!
Please RSVP by March 1.