12 2016

TampaBay-Job-Links: Write Effective Cover Letters, Thank You Notes, Email

9:30AM - 12:15PM  

TampaBay Job Links
contact: Nikki Trent 4100 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 206
Tampa, FL 33609
813-344-0200 x307

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How to Write Effective Cover Letters, Thank-you Notes, and Targeted E-Mails

As a job seeker, your written communication style can be the difference between landing an interview and a job or being overlooked. In this workshop, the focus is on learning about and practicing the relevant written communication tools that are associated with any job search: cover letters, thank you notes, phrases that get attention, and wording that gets you noticed. Develop your ability to use your own written communication skills to create a bridge between a company’s business needs and your skills, background, and experience.

Workshop Goals:
• Develop written communication that will have a lasting impact
• Present a positive - and memorable - impression through your writing

What We Will Cover:
• Composing cover letters using a structured format
• Customizing cover letters to match a job description
• Fine-tuning accomplishment statements to demonstrate your value
• Developing a thank you note with impact
• Inserting keywords into correspondence
• Analyzing and critiquing correspondence
Materials Needed:
• Please bring your résumé, a relevant job description, and samples of your writing (such as cover letters and thank you notes).

Workshop Length: 2¾ hours
• Participants should plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Workshops will begin and end on time.

Who Should Attend:
• Individuals who write correspondence in response to job postings, interview follow-ups, and thank you notes.

Cost to Attend:
• Free for TBJL Program participants and $15 for guests.

Registration Required:

• Send an email to, or call (813) 344-0200.

Dress: Business casual