I Ask Why! - 3/25/24


171 Days 
Sunday….. Sam and I joined up with the Clearwater Florida  Walk for Their Lives group.  Every Sunday we meet locally in a public gathering calling for the release of all hostages held by hamas. We are one of 180 groups that gather and send our messages of hope and love to the hostages and their families. We walk as a public gathering and in peace. Yes it is now 171 days and hamas continues to hold the hostages including Ariel and Kfir Bibas who were kidnapped from their home in Kibbutz Nir Oz 171 days ago. 
I hold the sign with Ariel’s picture as we cross the bridge/ causeway in Clearwater. I can’t help feeling alive and free looking out at the endless turquoise water below and the coastal breezes are invigorating. Any other time I would feel celebratory in such a glorious spring afternoon. The cars are backed up westbound as the are making their way towards an afternoon at the beach. Lots of individuals honk in support when they see our flags and signs. 
I protectively carry Ariel’s photo like a child that he is. Clutching his image to prevent the wind from carrying him off.
I talk to him silently over the miles. I wish I could slip him out of captivity and back into childhood but I do not know where Ariel is at this moment. Khan Yunis? Rafah? Back north?
It does not matter. I know Ariel is not where he belongs. He belongs safely at home with his family. I know his grandparents were murdered Oct 7th. I know his father was separated from Ariel’s mother Shira and brother, Kfir. I know he was alive last month because video footage of Shira and Ariel was captured on surveillance cameras. 
Everyday is another day too many. The terror continues with each day. Hamas agreed to release all children and then “ decided” to hold onto Ariel and his family. 
I ask why?!?
Still hostages are in captivity because “the world” does not care about the hostages dead or alive and cares even less about their families. 
When I say world I mean the world “stage” of political posturing, of UN resolutions, of nations on the security council literally playing chess with the pawns who are expendable.


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