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Rescued from their hand

May 14, 2023

Passover 2024 is in the books. This year, at our second annual First Night Passover Community Seder, we hosted more than 70 people. It fills me with pride knowing that this seder provided so many with the opportunity to honor the traditional Jewish celebration of freedom, all t…

Cesspool of psychological filth & the redemptive hope of education 3/28/24

I start my post today by comparing my achingly beautiful surroundings in our awesome Florida jungle with the ache of ugliness I perceive in this world  
It is drippingly humid. The birds are so happy and the sounds are muffled by the pervasive dampness. You can smell the plants and so…

Hatching Escape Plans? - 3/26/24


Do you know anyone with escape plans?
Lately I am hearing an ever increasing number of friends or sometimes more marginally connected acquaintances say they are hatching escape plans for the civil disruption ahead of us. What can they imagine ? What scenario can they concoct that will…

I Ask Why! - 3/25/24


171 Days 
Sunday….. Sam and I joined up with the Clearwater Florida  Walk for Their Lives group.  Every Sunday we meet locally in a public gathering calling for the release of all hostages held by hamas. We are one of 180 groups that gather and send our messages of hope and love …

A Biblical Moment in the History of Israel - 3/10/24

This is The Second War of Independence.
I have told you that right now Israel is fighting for survival, for the right to exist, for the future.
Remember 1948? That was the year of the first War of Independence. What ensued after October 7 is considered by many Israelis to be a kind…