PRIMER's 10 Points of Media Bias


Your media may be biased if:

  1. the news reported is not objective or is laced with opinion or commentary but is not labeled as news analysis.
  2. the source of the news:
    • is primarily from one source and not verified.
    • is absent of an opposing balanced response.
    • has a source of response predominately from the extreme political left or right.
  3. the selection of wire service stories, photos or op-eds reflects the personal views of the editor.
  4. the story is placed on the front page if it is unfavorable toward Israel or buried on the back page if it is favorable.
  5. the story repeats frequently if it is unfavorable toward Israel or does not repeat if it is favorable.
  6. headlines and photos do not reflect the major content of the story
  7. there are distortions.
  8. there are omissions and half-truths.
  9. there are inaccuracies.
  10. the opinion or commentary is not balanced or factual.