Making Every Day Health Day in Bosnia

It’s Health Day in Kakanj, a small town just north of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nela Hasic and her team are providing free breast exams, health consultations and culturally-sensitive education for more than 100 women and children.

It may not seem like enough in a country where 40 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer will die from it. It’s not. That’s why this Health Day is just another day for Nela, the regional director of the Women’s Health Empowerment Program, run by Federation partner JDC in partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation. She and WHEP fight every day to improve health education, outcomes and research for women in her homeland. It’s exhausting work, but her energy is as boundless as her passion. “This is not my job,” she says. “This is my life.”


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