12 2021

The Tribe - Beach Cleanup Day


John's Pass 12901 Gulf Blvd.
Madeira Beach, FL 33708

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THE TRIBE has registered as a group for Tikkun HaYam's Reverse Tashlich Beach Cleanup event on Sunday, September 12th at 9AM.
We have been assigned the area of John's Pass on Madeira Beach, located at 12901 Gulf Blvd., Madeira Beach, FL 33708.
Click here to register!
Email with any questions. A meet up location and additional details will be sent out to registered participants closer to the date of the event.
What is Reverse Tashlich?
On Rosh HaShanah, Jews around the world participate in the ancient ritual of Tashlich. We go to a body of water and symbolically cast off the sins of the past year by throwing bread crumbs into the water to start the New Year with purity of heart. However, this is not the only time humans cast their “sins” into the sea. Every year, approximately six million tons of human-made trash enter the water, posing health and safety hazards to the animals that call the sea their home. Marine debris is a blatant violation of the fundamental Jewish ethical principle Bal Tashchit. Repair the Sea is adding a modern ritual to the Jewish tradition: a local clean-up on the Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Also known as Reverse Tashlich.