11 2019

The Power of Writing: A Self-Care Workshop for Caregivers

11:00AM - 1:00PM  

Menorah Manor 255 59th St. N.
St. Petersburg, FL

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If you can write a letter, you can write at this workshop.

You are not alone. Please join Judith Henry, author, for a magical morning of writing and sharing. This workshop is not about teaching people to write the perfect sentence. It's about getting our thoughts, feelings and caregiving experience down on paper, and the option to share it with others who get where we're coming from; who may have the very same thoughts and feelings and who can make us laugh, in spite of our tears. Don't see yourself as a writer? Maybe you didn't see yourself as a caregiver either, yet here you are!

Admission $18 includes lunch, materials to write with and a signed copy of The Dutiful Daughter's Guide to Caregiving by author Judith Henry.

Must register in advance by April 4 at https://menorahmanor.org/caregiver-writing-workshop

Sponsored by the Menorah Manor Guild