29 2017

The Day Hate Died

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Chabad Jewish Center of West Pasco 10733 Mplae Creek Drive Suiet 101
Trinity, FL 34655

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$ Cost $ 8.00

He’s  been called a racist, a vigilante, and a hero

Join us as we hear the story of the first Jewish vigilante that took on the crime-ridden streets in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn during the ‘70s and ‘80s. We will hear among other stories how he saved an African-American woman from bleeding to death on the streets from severe gunshot wounds.


Shemtov who stands at 5’2 had patrolled Crown Heights under the name the “Red Devil.”  comparing himself frequently to Charles Bronson, circa Death Wish.

Shemtov was extensively written about in the NY Times, NY Post, NY Daily News, CNN and Fox News.


Location: 10733 Maple Creek Dr. Suite 101

Cost: $8 with advance reservation $11 at the door. Sponsor the event $360/$180