3 2016

TampaBay-Job-Links: Transferring Your Skills and Re-Careering

9:30AM - 12:00PM  

TampaBay Job Links
contact: Nikki Trent 4100 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 206
Tampa, FL 33609
813-344-0200 x307

Contact Nikki Trent
TampaBay Job Links
813-344-0200 x307

Transferring Your Skills and Re-Careering
 In a volatile job market, you - and your skills - need to be resilient. What’s important is to identify the combination of skills you prefer to use and that are also highly marketable. In this workshop, you will identify both generic and specific skills that can most easily be transferred to a new job, work function, or industry and, once identified, how to make the best use of them.

Workshop Goals:
 Identify your transferrable skills
 Determine the industries and job functions where those skills are applicable
 Identify the networking contacts to help you re-career

What We Will Cover:
 How to analyze and assess many types of skills
 Determine your competency and interest level for each type of skill
 Identify potential new target careers or industries
 Explore 9 different career-change options
 Complete a 5-step career change plan
 Identify specific network contacts for your career-change options

Materials Needed:
 Please bring a copy of your résumé.

Workshop Length: 2½ hours
 Participants should plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Workshops will begin and end on time.

Who Should Attend:
 Individuals in career transition, conducting a job search, considering changing careers, or contemplating entrepreneurship.

Cost to Attend:
 Free for members and $15 for guests.

RSVP Required:
 Send an email to , or call (813) 344-0200.

Dress: Business casual