7 2016

TampaBay-Job-Links: Target Your Résumé for the Job You Want!

9:30AM - 12:00PM  

TampaBay Job Links
contact: Nikki Trent 4100 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 206
Tampa, FL 33609
813-344-0200 x307 nikki@TBJL.org

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This workshop focuses on ways to tailor your résumé to highlight the key elements from a job description. By using a hiring company’s own words, reflecting the company’s needs within your accomplishments, and using key words, you will be viewed as a more qualified candidate.

Sponsored by Accenture.

Workshop Goals:

  • Develop a version of your résumé that closely matches a job description
  • Present your accomplishments as ways to solve problems
  • Incorporate keywords in a logical way that is identified by search engines and scanners

What We Will Cover:

  • How to tailor your résumé to the job title
  • How to customize your summary to the key elements in a job description
  • Ways to successfully modify accomplishment statements
  • Analyzing and assessing job descriptions for what is most important
  • Develop a master résumé to use as a basis for customized versions
  • Identify the keywords that will make your résumé stand out
  • Determine what to include/exclude on your résumé

Materials Needed:
Please bring two copies of your résumé and a recent job description for which you’ve applied.

Workshop Length: 2½ hours
Participants should plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Workshops will begin and end on time.

Who Should Attend:
Individuals in career transition who are looking to increase the possibility that their résumé and/or cover letter will receive attention.

Cost to Attend:
Free for TBJL Program participants and $15 for guests.

Registration Required:
Send an email to nikki@tbjl.org, or call (813) 344-0200.

Dress: Business casual