10 2016

TampaBay-Job-Links: How to Write a Robot-Friendly Resume

9:30AM - 11:00AM  

TampaBay Job Links
contact: Nikki Trent 4100 W. Kennedy Blvd.
Suite 206
Tampa, FL 33609
813-344-0200 x307 nikki@TBJL.org

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According HireRight, Inc., a company specializing in background checks, larger companies such as Google receive more than 75,000 job applications every week. To help identify the best applicant in a stack of résumés, many hiring companies use an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or “robots,” that scan and sort résumés before a human even looks at them for the first time. If you want to ensure that your résumé is read by a flesh-and-blood professional, you need to develop one that’s “robot-friendly” – because the old résumé rules no longer apply. In this session, you will learn about résumé-writing “Dos” and “Don’ts” for online use.

WHAT IS LINKS:  LINKS is an acronym for Leads, Information, Networking, Know-how, and Strategies. It is an educational and motivational program designed to help candidates prepare for the week ahead and to share conversation, contacts, and job-search information in a relaxed, friendly environment. For the unemployed professional, LINKS is a “place to go” to focus on the job search when others go to work on Monday Mornings. LINKS sessions are free and open to the public. Reservations are required.

Supported by the Vinik Family Foundation, Jeff and Penny Vinik, Trustees


  • Kick-start the week with renewed energy and focus
  • •Learn career transition tips from career strategists and industry experts
  • •Practice a 30-second commercial in a relaxed, safe environment
  • •Exchange ideas, information, and experiences with participants
  • •Create an action plan for the week

What We Will Cover:

  • 30-Second commercials
  • The topic of the week
  • Candidate successes and challenges
  • Individual action plans for the week

Materials Needed:
No materials are needed.

Program Length:
1½ hours.  Plan to arrive 15 minutes early.

Who Should Attend:
Unemployed and underemployed professionals, recent college grads, women re-entering the workforce after a hiatus, military veterans transitioning to civilian workforce, retired professionals needing to go back to work; candidates in career transition who want to prepare and focus their job-search plan for the week.

Cost to Attend:
Free for TBJL Program participants and guests.

Business casual.

Jack Roth Center for Career Development
4100 West Kennedy Blvd. Suite 206
Tampa, FL 33609

Reservations Required:
Email nikki@tbjl.org, or call (813) 344-0200.