4 2019

Market Yourself Through Business/Networking Cards

10:30AM - 12:00PM  

TampaBay-Job-Links 1211 N West Shore Blvd
Suite 300
Tampa, FL

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Clicking “Save” at Even in the age of social media, business/networking cards continue to be the most common way to place your name in front of people who can potentially lead you to job opportunities. Business cards – first used in China in the 15th century – continue to be a primary means of connection. Whatever the circumstances, having a card that establishes your identity while supporting your career efforts is an important job-search tool. This session will identify (1) the essential elements of networking/business cards; (2) the reasons and benefits to have them; and (3) how to make your cards both creative and memorable! 

Registration and details: https://bit.ly/2msXjZF