16 2019

Chabad of Clearwater - Journey of the Soul

7:00PM - 8:30PM  

Chabad of Clearwater 2280 Belleair Road
Clearwater, FL

Contact Rabbi Levi Hodakov

$ Cost $ 79.00

An exploration of Life, Death and what lies beyond

A fascinating 6-session course starting on Monday, November 18th

What is a soul? Where does it go after it departs this world? Do Jews believe in heaven and hell? Can souls communicate with us from the afterlife? How does reincarnation work? 

Journey of the Soul explores the mysteries surrounding the spiritual dimension of our existence—our destiny that continues even after we’ve shed our earth-bound body suit. We examine the transition of the soul into the hereafter, the kinds of legacies that are valued even after we’ve forsaken this earthly existence, and the accompanying emotional journey and rituals that help the soul and those closest to it prepare for its new reality. 

Besides for providing answers to life’s biggest questions, Journey of the Soul will inspire you to remain focused on the parts of life that really matter; it will assist you in becoming more in touch with yourself, with your soul, and with your spiritual dimension; and it will help you discover a new found relationship with your loved ones who are no longer here with us in body.