14 2021

Federation & F Troop - Coffee Talk Meet & Greet

11:00AM - 1:00PM  

Driftwood Cafe at the St. Pete Pier 800 2nd Ave NE
St. Pete, FL 33701

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Are you in your 40's or 50's, looking for new ways to connect with members of your local Jewish community?

Join us for an F Troop meet & greet at the St. Pete Pier's Driftwood Cafe located at 800 2nd Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701. Sunday November 14th at 11AM.

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If arriving via I-275, follow the interstate signs and exit onto I-375. I-375 becomes 4th Avenue North and guests should follow that to the end where it forms a T with Beach Drive. If guests wish to avoid some traffic, consider taking a left on Beach Drive, then a right on 5th Avenue North and a right on Bayshore Drive. You will find the Pier entrance at the next left.

The St. Pete Pier offers over 500 on-site parking spaces as well as extensive bike parking and access via the Downtown Looper and Central Avenue Trolley.
Dolphin and Pelican Lots: Payment can be made by credit card, the ParkMobile App or cash at Pay Machines located throughout the 2 parking lots
Weekend Rates:
First 4 hours = $2.50 per hour
5th hour = $3.50
6th hour = $4.50/hr
Parking in lots limited to 6 hours or less
6 hours cost $18

Getting to the Driftwood Cafe located at the end of the Pier:
Pedestrian paths have been provided to allow visitors to explore all the various attractions within the Pier District.

Additionally, the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Tram system provides three (3) trams and four (4) tram stops located throughout the Pier District. To view a map of Tram Stop locations, click here.

Each tram can carry up to 46 passengers and each has accommodations for persons using a wheelchair or walker. Trams may be augmented by smaller all-electric eco-shuttles which also have accommodations for persons using a wheelchair.