10 2021

CBS-Pre-Shavuot Scholar in Residence: Rabbi Jack Riemer

Congregation Beth Shalom Presents: Pre-Shavuot Scholar in Residence Series Featuring Rabbi Jack Riemer

Topic: David and Batsheva: Bible, History, and Hollywood

Monday, May 10th at 7pm via Zoom AND Thursday, May 13th at 7pm via Zoom



David is one of the most exciting figures in the entire Bible. He is a great lover, a great fighter, a great singer, a great sinner and a great repenter. This talk will focus on the story of David and Bathsheba and will compare and contrast four answers to the question: Did David really sin? The answer of the Bible, the answer of the Talmud, the answer of modern Israeli fiction, and the answer of Elie Wiesel....and then a surprising answer that comes out of Hollywood.

Bathsheba can be looked at in one of two ways: as an innocent victim of David's lust or as a clever woman who seduced him. Both views will be presented so you can decide!


Rabbi Jack Riemer is one of American Jewry’s outstanding teachers. He recently retired from Congregation Beth Tikvah in Boca Raton. Rabbi Riemer is the author and editor of many books and lectured at universities, healing centers, synagogues and churches throughout America and overseas. He has published in all the major journals of Jewish Thought in America and abroad.

Wherever Rabbi Jack Riemer goes, he spreads his magic! He is a brilliant observer of life, a storyteller, and preacher who has the uncanny ability to describe the human condition insightfully and to lead the way towards new resolve and worthy living. His tales go directly to the hearts and souls of his listeners, and his messages are filled with warmth, wit and wisdom. His words bring smiles and tears, for he has the unique ability to tap into your hopes and your fears and the unique talent of knowing what you are thinking and feeling better than you do yourself. In short, he has the gift of explaining you to yourself.

Sponsored by the Rabbi Kenneth and Johanna Bromberg Adult Education Fund. For more information, contact Erica Hruby at