Empower Hope: Be a Hero for our Community's Most Vulnerable on Super Sunday

Super Sunday is tomorrow, and this year, it carries a powerful theme: "Donors are the Super Heroes." As we prepare to celebrate this day of giving on February 11, 2024, we want to shine a spotlight on the heroes in our community who are making an extraordinary impact on the lives of our community's most vulnerable, including Holocaust survivors. You possess the power to be their hero, providing essential assistance and a beacon of hope to those who've endured unimaginable hardship.
Unsung Heroes Among Us:
Our theme for Super Sunday 2024 resonates deeply, especially when it comes to our community's most vulnerable. These brave individuals have faced some of humanity's darkest moments, and their resilience is awe-inspiring. Yet, they still need our support to live their lives with dignity, comfort, and the knowledge that they are not alone.
The Impact of Your Contributions:
Your contributions have a direct and meaningful impact on the well-being of those most vulnerable in our community. Through our partnerships with organizations like the Florida Holocaust Museum, Gulf Coast Jewish Family and Community Services, and Menorah Life, we provide vital assistance, companionship, and support to these community members. Your generosity allows us to be a lifeline for these resilient individuals, offering them the care and assistance they deserve.
Join Us on Super Sunday:
Super Sunday is tomorrow, February 11, 2024. It is an opportunity for our community to come together and continue this important work. Mark your calendars and join us in celebrating this day of giving. Your participation and contributions make a real difference in the lives of those most vulnerable and strengthen our collective impact.
We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for your continued commitment to our local Jewish community. Your support is the foundation of our collective strength, resilience, and hope. Together, we'll continue to be the heroes who make our community stronger, more compassionate, and a beacon of hope for those who need it most.


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